Performance Forensics

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Performance Analysis – Athlete Profiling

We utilise state-of-the-art technology to get an assessment of your current status ranging from your basic structural function to your specific sport’s performance.

  • Subjective Athlete Profile

  • Physiological profile

  • Body Composition Analysis and Nutrition Profile

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Range of Motion Screening & Manual Muscle Test

  • Neuromuscular Profile

  • Sport-relevant performance testing. speed/power/strength/agility.

  • Biomechanical Assessment

  • Analysis of running gait

  • Monitoring & Benchmarking of Performance

  • Psychological Profiling

Performance Forensics is our hub for performance enhancement, all our programmes are bespoke to individuals requirements. We work with clubs, national teams and individuals to enhance performance.

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Performance Therapy

  • Personal Training & Group Circuits – Personal 1-2-1 60 min sessions – training packages available (5 sessions, 10 sessions, 20 sessions)

  • Athlete Profiling – £60 initial consultation