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All our staff are highly qualified and experienced in their relevant fields and have worked in high performance sport.

They all understand the needs of athletes and the importance of working as part of a multi-disciplinary support team.

We have links with leading orthopaedic specialists and offer a full referral service.

Our Services

Gary Anderson – High Performance & Clinical Director

Gary has over 40 years’ experience in Olympic and professional sport, as an athlete, coach, scientist, sports medicine professional and performance director. He has lead teams at four Olympic Games and worked extensively in professional sports including eight years in professional football where he was a recipient of the FIFA Fair Play Award. Gary has presented at conferences worldwide on the subject of performance planning and is a guest lecturer at leading UK Universities on training philosophy. He has led sporting teams in competition and training camps throughout the world and his model of integration of multi-disciplinary teams into the high-performance process has been adopted widely.

He was consultant author on the book “Training to Succeed” published by Franklin-Watts. Gary has appeared on several TV shows including the recent reality TV show “Beat the Star” where he was the coach to the celebrity athletes.

Dr Caroline Heaney – Sport Psychologist

Caroline’s expertise lies in the area of the psychological aspects of sports injury. Psychological factors play an important role in the rehabilitation from sports injury and sports injury rehabilitation professionals. Caroline offers consultations and delivery of programmes for performance enhancement, coping strategies, pre-competition and in competition nervousness, career transition and recovery from injury.

Emma Dorban-Hall – Senior Physiotherapist

Emma has a background in a variety of sports and a history as a personal trainer, I bring a more active approach to the physiotherapy and rehabilitation process. I will aim (where appropriate) to get you out of the therapy room as soon as possible and on to the gym floor to progress you back to doing the things you love again. I have spent the past 5 seasons as clinical lead for WASPs FC Ladies Rugby team meaning I have gained a vast experience in not only the acute care of an injury but the progression of that client back to a performance environment.

Alexandrine Bernard– Sports Massage Therapist

Alexandrine is a soft tissue therapist who understands the need for adequate balance between flexibility and strength for optimal performance and tries to convey this in her treatments. From her background in hospitality management, client care has always meant a lot to Alexandrine. Having graduated from the respected North London School of Sports Massage since then has given her the opportunity to do what she loves and help people do what they love the most too. She believes sports massage doesn’t only serve athletes but can also support people with lifelong conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica to name a few.

Tom Nottingham– Osteopath

As a graduate from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) Tom aims to combine his passion of osteopathy with his love for sport, fitness and healthy living. Tom utilises various osteopathic treatment styles to diagnose and help individuals suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and sports related injuries. He believes that the appropriate application of massage, mobilisation and stretching techniques, alongside personalised exercise guidance and nutritional advice, can improve the function of the body and therefore help create the optimum conditions needed for recovery.

Having previously worked as an Advanced sailing instructor in the elite sailing industry and as an osteopath in a multidisciplinary team at Speedworks athletics, Tom has gained invaluable experience on providing individual rehabilitation and injury prevention programs for elite sailors as well as development and GB sprinters. His knowledge of osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation helps him to deliver a personalised treatment plan for every one of his patients, whilst promoting healthy living and assisting individuals achieve their goals.

Tom works as clinical lead at Wasps Ladies RFC.

Matt Zammit – Senior Physiotherapist

Matt is a physiotherapist specialised in movement-based rehabilitation. His previous experience includes work with patients with varying musculoskeletal conditions as well as work with Air Asia, Adidas and athletes from various backgrounds including running and swimming.

Matt’s experience working with experienced practitioners, international athletes and coaching staff, means he is able to provide the most efficacious and up to date treatment methods possible to help you achieve your goals. Being an international swimmer himself, has provided Matt with insight into understanding the true nature of movement, injury prevention and treatment.

Jade Doran– Sports Therapist

Jade is our sports massage therapist and as an international athlete knows the value of sports massage and appropriate rehabilitation from injury. He academic interest is in the effects of stretching both pre and post activity.

Dean Chatterjee – Sports Medicine Doctor

My passion for Trauma and Orthopaedics and the pathology I saw in athletes in trauma centres such as the Royal London Hospital fuelled my desire to become involved in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM). I decided to change career path and become a GP in order to concentrate on promoting and developing SEM as well as utilise my Orthopaedic experience in sports medicine.

I am a great advocate of research and teaching and have completed a PgDip in Clinical Education. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. As well as keeping myself occupied with GP training and my postgraduate education, I am also team doctor for Notts County Football Club. I run CPD sessions on match day as well as providing experience and insight into the role of a team doctor to medical students and junior doctors with an interest in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

I am passionate about SEM and want to use my experiences and skills so far to promote the discipline to students and junior doctors with an interest in SEM. I am excited about promoting and developing Sports and Exercise Medicine to the next generation.

Rachel Hill– Strength & Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer

As an ex gymnast and rugby player, spanning over 28yrs, Rachel fully appreciates the demands that training can take on your body. Since retiring, she has now applied her athletic experience to working alongside Head Strength and Conditioning coaches both in Women’s Premiership rugby and more recently Men’s Professional Championship rugby.

She has a great passion for rehabilitation, injury prevention and improving performance. Her approach is refreshingly simple; stripping away the industry jargon and information overload so that clients have a clear understanding of what is required in order to achieve their goals.

Sam Codling – Sports Rehabilitator

A graduate with honours in Sport Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University Twickenham. Sam is a firm believer in that every patient is different and that no one should live with pain or injury. To combat this, Sam uses the latest and most up to date treatment methods to tailor each session to his patients for their specific needs. Previous experience includes; working in injury clinics and different sporting environments including; rugby, hockey and professional football. The way the body moves and how you can improve this has always been a fascination to Sam and is one of the reasons for perusing his career in sports rehabilitation.

Harry Driscoll – Sport Rehabilitator

A graduate from St Mary’s University Twickenham, Harry is a Sport Rehabilitator who uses the most up to date treatment techniques. Harry specialises in performance therapy and uses sports massage extensively. He has gained experience working in a variety of sporting environments including tennis, football, rugby and within leading sports injury clinics. Harry is fascinated by the way the body moves, believing everyone is unique and takes pride in tailoring his treatment plans specific to the individual and their sport.