Our Associates

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Our Associates

We have the aim to provide you with expert clinical care and advice and select our associates accordingly. Our associates are highly skilled practitioners with specialist knowledge in their chosen fields.

Gary has over 40 years’ experience in Olympic and professional sport, as an athlete, coach, scientist, sports medicine professional and performance director. He has lead teams at four Olympic Games and worked extensively in professional sports including eight years in professional football where he was a recipient of the FIFA Fair Play Award. Gary has presented at conferences worldwide on the subject of performance planning and is a guest lecturer at leading UK Universities on training philosophy. He has led sporting teams in competition and training camps throughout the world and his model of integration of multi-disciplinary teams into the high-performance process has been adopted widely.

He was consultant author on the book “Training to Succeed” published by Franklin-Watts. Gary has appeared on several TV shows including the recent reality TV show “Beat the Star” where he was the coach to the celebrity athletes.

Optima’s lead Sports Therapist and Clinic Manager. Laura has studied sports therapy to Post-Graduate level and has worked at leading sports medicine centres and with a variety of sports.
She has specific interests in biomechanical analysis and use of acupuncture for musculo-skeletal pain.

Caroline’s expertise lies in the area of the psychological aspects of sports injury. Psychological factors play an important role in the rehabilitation from sports injury and sports injury rehabilitation professionals. Caroline offers consultations and delivery of programmes for performance enhancement, coping strategies, pre-competition and in competition nervousness, career transition and recovery from injury.

Optima’s sports massage therapist and personal trainer, she also delivers our Opticare© range of aromatherapy and body massage services.

Hannah’s ethos is that massage plays a huge part in well-being and is an important tool to help keep the body and mind functioning to its true potential as well as playing a huge role in preventing and assisting in injury recovery.

One of Optima’s team of Sports Therapists, Lucy is passionate about support with a particular love of long distance running. She is a firm believer that whether you’re a weekend fun runner or elite competitor your body should be treated like that of a pro athlete. Lucy loves helping her clients, through sports massage therapy to maintain high performance and remain injury free.


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